Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Good News Is That The Bad News Changes Every Day

Is there a better reason to be sure that, whether you're voice-tracked or not at this very moment, someone at your radio station is constantly checking every information source available to you and has a way to get breaking information on the air immediately?


Joel Dana Harmon said...

If you were depending on a radio station to warn you overnight...you're already dead.

Paul Meacham said...

Agree Joel.

Cannot even get a current weather forecast.

facebook Thread said...

Jay Phillips

Your story says 4 warnings were issued, but no mention here that I could see of radio's actions, or faiure, as has been the case when NO warnings were issed.

Dan Baker

In this century, listeners should have their mobile device set to receive status updates/alerts from the station's Facebook page for important information like AmberAlert, flood warnings, and on slow days, a heads-up that the cue to call for that big money is coming up within 30 minutes...

Don Anthony

Great point.