Thursday, March 12, 2009

When Huff Po Reviews Country Positively, There Might Be Hope For Bipartisanship After All

How's this for a game of ping pong? I blog about how amazing a nice review of Jamey Johnson and John Rich is from the Huffington Post, and HuffPo blogs about how country radio isn't always known for its daring social relevance:
"...but two singles that are currently rising up the charts--John Rich's politically themed "Shutting Detroit Down" and Jamey Johnson's pharmaceutically themed "High Cost of Living"--prove that the genre that bills itself as "America's music" can still provide bracing jolts of reality.."
Given THAT, who knows what's next? Fox News endorsing President Obama's new budget? The Wall Street Journal liking the stimulus?

Yeah, right.

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Carol Batchelor said...

When I met Arianna I couldn't really picture her wearing a cowboy hat, Jaye... :)