Monday, March 09, 2009

I Survived CRS 40!

If you are a member of Facebook, search for the group of that name and join the discussion group, set up by 2009 agenda chairman Keith Kaufman.

I am so excited to hear that John Paul is next year's agenda chairman. That guarantees a great meeting (2/24-26/2010) full of relevant ideas, sharing and learning. (click here if you'd like to help him create CRS-41)

This was a great CRS content-wise. The panels and speakers were all terrific and absolutely not to miss. BUT, may people who came to Nashville last week DID miss them. Music business executives obviously made the decision to completely igonore the "no competing events" rule and it sure looked like there were a lot fewer people "on campus" than there were "off campus" than there ever has been. This has always been a big problem going back four decades. Unless this issue is dealt with fairly, it will pose a huge challenge for next year's agenda committee. I hate this thought, because for me the CRS needs to be ALL about learning and sharing and NOT about music promotion, but maybe it's time to do fewer sessions, go back to just one track for two days and just let the promotion happen, since it's a bigger draw for many (a majority of) attendees than the sessions were. The small number of people in the rooms for the CMA and Edison research presentations was a sad commentary.

Comments already posted to the group:

Bill Mayne (Nashville, TN) wrote
I think the sessions were some of the best in years. Seth Godin alone was worth the price of admission. Kudos to him for a targeted presentation, not boiler plate. The Edison and CMA studies should be"required reading" for everyone in the business. Great job by the agenda committee. A great week of seeing friends (new & old) and learning a lot!

Sue Wilson Cordle (Akron, OH)
I agree with the comments (re:) competing events...on and off campus. On campus, I attended some great sessions, and was also surprised by the low attendance in several. And there were times when I was torn between 2 sessions that looked great at the same time. The Edison research presentation is a "must" for every programmer. Although there were several good ones, my top 3 highlights were: 1) Seth Goodin, 2) the Talent session moderated by Mike McVay with Randy Lane, Valleri Geller and Tommy Kramer...4 of the best in one place (worth the price of admission) and 3) the Edison study. Off campus highlights were: The Boat, esp the Frampton/Paisley jam, the Blackbird studio with Martina, and seeing Caitlin and Will, who I think are incredible.

Jay Noble (TM Studios) wrote
First time in decades that I paid my own way. No corporate underwriters. I wish more broadcasters would invest in their careers. The "company isn't paying so I'm not going" isn't an option these days. The networking alone pays for the experience, plus you can write it off the following year. On the entertainment side, Darius Rucker hit it out of the park. This guy is the real deal.

Don Brake (Binghamton, NY) wrote
I like that I went an entire week without eating Ramen Noodles! :-)

Dallas Rogers (Nashville, TN) wrote
CRS ... creating the memories and living the moments that will continue to befuddle therapists and psychiatrists across America ... until next year. Good times!! Great to see everyone!! By the way, I think Luke Bryan and Lady A might have a future in the Ballet!!

Andie Lynne (Nashville, TN) wrote
Had a great time! Great topics and shows! Caught up with some old friends and met some new ones! Great job! BTW... if anyone sees my liver, could you send it my way?

John Shomby (Virginia Beach / Norfolk, VA) wrote
It was DEFINITELY fun. I am normally an early morning person but , at CRS, I become an early morning AND late night person. Excellent New Faces show......and my CRB Board hat is off to the agenda committee for a super selection of panels and folks on those panels. Best group I've seen and heard in the 7 years I've attended.

Keith Kaufman (Nashville, TN) wrote
Hey that was fun. Ya'll come back now...on second thought "now" doesn't work for me.. Cool memory from last week- Jamey Johnson looking back told me "Last year I was swinging a hammer. This year they closed down the road for me to do a show. Wow."

Bob Reeves (Warner Bros Records) wrote
Had a busy week at CRS 40...just wanted to congratulate the Committee on a terrific agenda and say kudos for pulling off a great event in a challenging time! I'm proud to have served with them all this year and wish them the best for 41!

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Anonymous said...

At least half the attendees were paid for by record companies because they were told their companies wouldn’t pay for them so they had to come on their own dime or ours. If labels pulled back on their efforts I guarantee there would have been even less people at CRS and the panels. Maybe you are right. Less sessions and a lot less costs may entice more radio to come.

It’s also too bad more owners aren’t there because a number of these fine programmers would like to be more adventurous and entertaining with their stations but are afraid of losing their jobs!