Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chuck And Julianne Dance Well On Dancing With The Stars

Chuck Wicks was already nervous about appearing on Dancing with the Stars with his girlfriend, Julianne Hough a week before his debut last night. "I feel funny enough doing it in a small room with a camera, let alone how I'll feel Monday with a studio audience and millions of people watching...not to mention my friends, all my buddies that will be watching and laughing," Chuck told A&O's buddy Neil Haislop last week.

Sure enough Chuck was nervous, and had a little trouble adjusting to having his girlfriend become his teacher, but he did well during the show thanks to Julianne's experience as a two time champion on the show. His dancing wasn't flawless, but he did good on the ballroom show. After the dance, Chuck and Julienne were both relieved, Chuck was sweating bullets, but they ended up with one of the higher scores of the night.

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Dawson McKay said...

I love 'em, but isn't their coupling for the show cheatin' a little bit!? I mean, if he messes up, there can be... other... repercussions??