Monday, October 06, 2008

USA Today: Blondes take root in country music

Writer Brian Mansfield: "Time was, you couldn't be a country singer if you didn't have a cowboy hat. These days, though, the most reliable route to a Nashville record deal seems to be through a reality show. It also helps if you're a cute blonde."

I didn't conspire with WUSN's Marcy Braun, Music Row's David Ross or KKGO's Tonya Campos before talking to Mansfield last week (click to read the item), but I'd bet we all feel the same way:
"One label finds something that works, and every label now wants two of them."

The music biz, as with so much of our culture, tends to clone success, but being 'first in' in any category is a lot easier than being the second or - as with this week - tenth (!) one.

PS - Fascinating side note: not one female makes Billboard's list of top ten country recurrents this week.

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Laura said...

I could really use a Gretchen Wilson song about now!