Tuesday, October 28, 2008

C D = clearly deceased

Country Aircheck this week asserts: The CD, our panel agrees, is sliding toward obsolescence. Weekly country sales figures have dipped below 400,000 units for 23 of this year’s 42 weeks, a low only experienced in four previous weeks – all in 2007.

“In fairness, we experienced a longer tail than other genres, but finally everyone gets to the finish line, and we’re there.” -- UMG/Nashville EVP/Sales, Marketing & New Media Ben Kline.

Arbitron, Media Audit and BBM estimates would indicate that there are roughly 41 million 18+ adults across North America who listen to country music radio for at least five minutes (weekly cume) in an average week.

Extrapolating those audience figures and the dismal Soundscan sales, it’s possible to make the assumption that the average country radio station has less than one percent (.098%) of its weekly audience buying a CD in a store this week.

It’s time to stop calling them “CD’s” and begin referring to the music we play as “songs.” Why should any air personality, other than offering some charity to our dying friends, ever bother to talk about “the latest from” or a new album being "available in stores?"

I’m a big believer in “selling” the music, if that means relating to each song and artist in a passionate way, as if you love it as much as the listener does. But, please reassess the words you're using. Old habits die hard, but you may be trying to sound “in,” but actually sending the message that you are - like the CD - a has-been.


Buzz Jackson said...

Aaaaaaaiiiiieeeeee! No more CDs?

How will we do the ever-popular (clich├ęd) Win It Before You Can Buy It?

Tony said...

"Win-It Before You Can Steal It", Buzz? Doesn't have the same ring to it, tho...

Buzz Jackson said...

I should have also added, "aaaaaiiiiieeeee!"

Clay St. Thomas said...

Okay, they're just "songs"...that's good by me.

But somewhere in our description of the new songs available by Taylor Swift we're going to come up against what to call that collection of songs. It's not a cd, and it surely isn't an album. So...what?? Calling it 'Fearless', the latest COLLECTION from Taylor Swift sounds clunky and weird.