Wednesday, July 20, 2005

PPM Study

Wow, Katy Bachman at Mediaweek was first in my inbox with the details (fast!): PPM Economic Study Released

Then, came Billboard, just a few minutes later: The PPM Reaction: 'Very Encouraging For Radio'

Here's the rub, of course: Michael Ewing, president of Multicultural Radio Broadcasting’s Network Asia division, said the key is whether or not the major radio companies embrace PPM.

“There were no surprises in the study,” Ewing said. “Anything we can do to move the ball down the field is positive.” But Ewing says local retailers outside the top 50 markets aren’t that concerned with ratings methodology. “They care about results. But this is very positive news for national [business].”

1 comment:

Bob Moody, VP/Programming, Regent Communications said...

"Nearly one in four respondents said they would increase radio spending if a PPM ratings service were adopted..."

...means that more than 75% would NOT increase spending with PPM. And we don't know how many who claimed they would spend more will actually open their checkbooks when the time comes.

I'm generally in favor of PPM, although I think there is still work to be done, but it may come down to groups trying to calculate whether the additional revenue will compensate for the additional cost. Until Arbitron tells us THAT, nobody is in a position to make a choice.