Friday, July 22, 2005

New Media Growing, But Radio Is Still Very Strong

Don't just trust MY opinion (which that statement above definitely IS!), just ask Paragon Research's Mike Henry, by clicking here.

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Jim Kerr said...

I covered this a few months ago in our company newsletter, Pollack Media Confidential. I love Mike Henry, and his research mirrors what Arbitron reports every quarter: Radio blows away every other audio medium by a gargantuan distance. Here's an excerpt from the piece that we ran:

"There are more then 600 million radios in the United States. In an average week, 93.9% of every person in the United States listens to the radio at least once. This means that 275.7 million people will listen to the radio THIS WEEK. These staggering numbers underscore the potent and continuing strength of old media: Reach. If every single iPod user, satellite radio subscriber, and Internet streaming audio user COMPLETELY abandoned terrestrial radio today, terrestrial radio would still have over 250 million users."