Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Is Jackfm An "AC" Format?

It seems that AC Insider Mike Kinosian thinks so. At least, he's counting it on his 2005 mid-year format recap.

I have been telling A&O clients that I think Bobfm, Jackfm and their clones may ultimately be a stunt/holding pattern for use until either rhythmic AC gains critical mass 25-34 in a year or two or Pop CHR starts to produce more new music palatable to 28+ adults.

If I'm right, these "Play Anything" stations could ultimately reposition themselves as spectrum, oldies-based AC formats for 30-somethings. Otherwise, they will become the next destinational format, growing older along with their current target audience.

Mike knows a lot more about this than I do, so if that hypothesis intrigues you, you'll want to test it against the real world of the past six months as AC Insider Kinosian unveils his exclusive mid-year music analysis of AC's Top 50 titles, including the percentage shared with Hot AC and JACK. Click here.

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Mike Kinosian said...

From: info@acradio.com

It's another variation on Classic Hits/Classic Rock. The "play anything" concept really is like a (somewhat controlled) train wreck.

- Hope all's well, - mk ...