Friday, July 22, 2005

Documentary Advertising

If you've seen Mike or Jaye present our "Ultimate Talent Development" seminar and workshop, you already know about, a Boston-based start-up that is basically a side project for 34-year-old Owen Mack, who has a graphic design background and runs a family kitchenware store, and his 32-year-old cousin Jesse Buckley, who works for a TV postproduction house and makes documentary films.

If not, you need to check it out. It was better when it was a pure portal just for fans to post TV spots they created just because they were enthusiastic evangelists of their favorite brand than it is now that they have become an 'agency' and become overt salespeople for themselves (they should have had their customers promote their biz rather than overtly saying 'hire us'?), but it's still a great repository for creative ideas for using electronic media very differently and more effectively.

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owen said...

Hello. Thanks for the mention. A few updates: we've changed our name a bit, the homepage is now
Also, just today we are launching a call to action: coBRANDiT wherein we solicit consumer generated documentary advertising. We are in fact building an agency to help generate this type of material--we believe there are benefits for people ("consumers") as well as brands coming out of all this marketing/web upheaval. -Owen